The engineering firm Arcadis announced that it won a large contract to provide consultancy and management services to oversee construction of a new water network for Oman’s Public Authority for Electricity and Water (PAEW). When complete, the network will bring clean water directly to the taps of hundreds of thousands of residents in the Al Sharqiyah region.

Ending water supply with trucks
The project will eliminate the need to truck water from filling station outposts to residents, reducing PAEW’s carbon footprint as well as noise and traffic pollution. The three-year, multi-million dollar contract is scheduled to begin in January 2012.

Growing water demand
The water conveyance system is intended to support the region’s growing population and the development of a future planned shipping port in the region that will further bolster Oman’s economic growth. Arcadis will work closely with the PAEW and contractors to safely address the challenges of the region’s rugged terrain, meeting the fast-tracked project schedule on time and within budget.

Delicate balance of natural resources
"Arcadis will use its global expertise of finding solutions for groundwater depletion to bring clean, reliable drinking water to the region for what will be the first time for many residents, all while maintaining the delicate balance of development requirements and natural resources. We will share Arcadis’ knowledge and skills with PAEW in order to help sustain these projects over the long-term and meet Oman’s goals of improving the country’s infrastructure,” said Arcadis water director Bill Dee.

This news release was originally published on the website of Arcadis.

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