A Dutch consortium of Baars Confloat and Martens en Van Oord started preparations to dredge 200 ha of lake Boyukshor, close to the captial Baku of Azerbaijan.

About 2.5 million cubic meters of contaminated sediments will be removed to restore the water quality of the lake.

The consortium has developed a land-based treatment method for the sediment to be dewatered and the clean water to flow back into the lake.

The remediation dredging project will start this month and should be ready by March 2015, just before the start of Baku 2015, the first European Olympic Games.

This part of the lake is next to the location of the new Olympic Stadium, currently under construction, where a 900 m long water front (see artist's impression above) will be built.

Oil and sewage pollution
Boyukshor is the second largest lake of Azerbaijan and largest on Absheron Peninsula. Untreated discharges of waste water by the oil industry and the city of Baku have polluted the lake for decades.

The ecological condition of the lake is very poor. By removal of the contaminated sediments, the water quality is expected to restore to an acceptable level.

"The objective of the project is to improve the environmental, ecological and aesthetic condition of Lake Boyukshor in such a way that the lake has added value for the area in the future and, for the European Games and visitors", said President Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan when he visited the construction site of the new Olympic Stadium in April.

Baku 2015 will be the first European Games and will involve more than 5,400 competitors, from the 49 Olympic nations of Europe, across 19 sports.

This news item is based on a publication on the website of Martens en Van Oord (in Dutch only)


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