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BAM International, the operating company of Royal BAM Group active outside Europe, has signed a service agreement with the Ministry of Northern Kenya and Arid Lands for the design of the Wajir Habaswein Water Supply Project.

The contract value is 0.5 million euro. Half of the costs for this development phase are paid by the Facility for Infrastructure Development ORIO (Ontwikkelingsrelevante Infrastructuurontwikkeling), which is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to encourage public infrastructure development in developing countries.

Water pumps on wind energy
BAM International will undertake this study in cooperation with its Belgian sister company Balteau, advising on all mechanical and electrical works, Gauff Ingenieure for the design and environmental & social impact assessment, as well as Vitens Evides International for capacity building and training.

Experts in the field of wind energy will investigate possibilities to use windmills as a source of energy for the pumps.

Brakish water from shallow wells
The Wajir Habaswein Water Supply Project is located in the North of Kenya. The project is defined as the design of a new water supply system to serve Wajir and Habaswein towns, Lagbogol centre and the surrounding communities.

In this area the vast majority of the population depends on polluted and brackish water abstracted from shallow wells. After the design has been finished, BAM International will start negotiations for the construction and operation of a new water supply system.

Training programme
In the project, Vitens Evides International is responsible for an organisation plan, a business plan and a training programme for the water company to be set up in Wajir.

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