UV disinfection specialist Berson is launching its new Cyclops UV disinfection system at this year’s Aquatech exhibition in Amsterdam from 1 to 4 November. The compact, single-ended UV system has a 35% smaller footprint than Berson’s larger InLine UV systems, on which it is based, allowing it to be installed in tight spaces or where piping is mounted close to a wall, such as ground water treatment stations or mobile disinfection units.

The single-ended design also means the Cyclops is operator-friendly and can be maintained without requiring any tools: changing a UV lamp takes just two minutes; replacing a quartz tube only takes five minutes; while replacing the entire interior (including the wiper) can be completed in only 15 minutes.

Quick routine maintanance
Instead of using screws, all connections utilise snap connectors, while high pressure wing nuts replace conventional nuts, allowing hand-tightening. Both of these features simplify and dramatically speed up routine maintenance. In addition, the wiper is not fitted with a magnet, which prevents iron accumulation. Instead of using a magnet, the wiper has a position indicator sensor mounted on the outside.

Further explanation
A Cyclops 1000+ IL model will be on show at Berson’s booth (Hall 1, Booth 01.218) and specialists will be available at all times to explain the benefits of the new system, as well as being able to help with any general disinfection-related questions.

This press release was originally published on the website of Berson UV

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