dws-biaqua-wln-nieuwater-ro2-770pxDutch water technology firm and water research laboratory WLN announced an agreement to jointly validate BiAqua’s technology for biofouling control in reverse osmosis plants.

Biofouling is recognized in the industry as being one of the key issues in the multi-billion market for reverse osmosis. BiAqua’s technology is unique in that it uses enzymes for the selective and almost complete removal of phosphate from water, which significantly reduces the growth of bacteria.

It is prospected that BiAqua’s technology reduces the growth of bacteria by more than five times, translating into direct and indirect benefits for the operation.

Two industrial water plants
The technology will be piloted at two industrial clients of WLN -North Water and NieuWater - in a joint project between WLN and BiAqua. The pilot system will be operated from September 2013 until June next year consecutively on both locations.

The main goal of the pilot for BiAqua and WLN is a techno-economic al evaluation of the technology.

dws-biaqua-wln-biofouling-ro-350pxBiofouling of a  reverse osmosis membrane

Shortening time-to-market
Wilbert van de Ven, Managing Director of BiAqua stated: "The agreement with WLN marks a major milestone for the company. With the support of WLN experts in the field of process operation and biofouling, the development of our solution into market-ready products will be greatly accelerated."

Selective removal of phosphate
In her reaction director Hilde Prummel WLN mentions the great potential. "Due to our long experience in biofouling prevention we recognize the great potential of BiAqua technology for the industrial water treatment systems of our customers. Moreover, the selective removal of phosphate below limiting concentrations also can be of great use in other important cases. For instance limiting after growth during distribution of potable water, or reusing discharged water from greenhouses in agriculture".

About BiAqua
BiAqua develops innovative solutions for global water challenges. The latest developments in biotechnology are taken to develop products and solutions for water treatment. BiAqua’s first product is an adsorption process for selective phosphate removal based on ferritin, the main iron-storage protein in living organisms, to counter biofouling in water treatment systems.

About WLN
At WLN it is all about water, in all its appearances, qualities and applications. From waste water to drinking water. WLN delivers a broad range of accredited analytical laboratory and technical services to water supply companies, governmental organizations, chemical, dairy, food and potato processing industries, swimming pools, leisure centers, healthcare organizations, garden centers and other large-scale water consumers.

This news item was originally published on the website of BiAqua (as a pdf-file).

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