dws-biaqua-orangeboat-ro-skid-770pxDutch water technology firm BiAqua has appointed US-based OrangeBoat as technology ambassador to identify potential pilot sites for the BiAqua technology. The appointment is to accelerate the market acceptance of BiAqua’s phosphate removal technology.

BiAqua has developed a regenerable adsorbent technology that reduces biofouling in reverse osmosis membranes by the removal of phosphate. The technology also has shown the ability to reduce TOC and turbidity.

Easily retrofitted
BiAqua’s technology is a media that can be added to multi-media filters, which is the most common type of pretreatment.

"Since the BiAqua technology can easily be retrofitted into existing multi-media filters adoption is much easier since little or no capital is required", says BiAqua’s Lute Broens.

dws-biaqua-orangeboat-prt-scheme-350px  By adsorption of phosphate in the BiAqua PRT-filter, the pretreated water causes less biofouling in a RO membrane system.

Fundamental reduction of biofouling
OrangeBoat is a service company that specializes in membrane based water treatment technologies and has extensive knowledge in RO pretreatment and membrane plant operation. "Pretreatment plays a key role in reliable RO membrane system operation", states OrangeBoat’s Jantje Johnson. "Reducing the nutrients such as phosphate is fundamental in reducing biofouling".

About BiAqua
BiAqua, a Dutch technology company, develops innovative solutions  for global water challenges. BiAqua’s first product is a biobased adsorption process for selective phosphate removal that counters biofouling in water treatment systems.

The technology out competes other solutions currently on the market. Furthermore, it is low cost, has broad usability, and works tremendously fast and reliable in the prevention of the growth of bacteria. The technology can be applied and retrofitted in standard filter systems that are currently widely applied in the industry.

Current pilot tests have proved the ability of the technology to delay biofouling in reverse osmosis membranes up to 10 times.

BiAqua is a spin-off from the Technical University of Delft and is funded by Dutch Technology Fund I, managed by Icos Capital Management.

About OrangeBoat
OrangeBoat has 20 years experience providing unbiased, expert technical service for membrane-based water treatment systems, helping engineering companies, suppliers, manufacturers and operators across the world navigate through all phases of water treatment projects to ensure trouble-free and low-cost operation.

The company's website supports a diagnostic tool, Navigator, that provides targeted solutions to a wide range of issues faced by water treatment system.

This news item was originally published on the website of BiAqua (as a pdf-file)

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