dws-waterforever-prepaid-contracts-kenya-770pxMaji Milele, the Kenyan subsidiary of Water Forever, won a tender in Kenya for prepaid meters and monitoring software for remote communities in Wajir, and a tender prepaid standpipes in urban Nakuru.

Water Forever International and Maji Melele offer prepaid water solutions in Kenya.

All day access to water
One contract is for the remote communities in Wajir and will provide 30,000 beneficiaries access to water. The installation is due March 2015.

The second contract concerns large groups of families that live together on joint premises. Each day they have only access to water a few hours, leading to long queues. With the new prepaid meters, these families will have unlimited 24/7 access to safe water at a lower price per liter.

dws-waterforever-kenya-pump-350pxReduction non-revenue water
The majority of the water providers in Kenya struggle with unpaid water supplies. This, so called non-revenue water, can be as high as 40 - 70 percent.

In some cases prepaid water offers an outcome. Water Forever International and Maji Milele can reduce the percentage of non-revenue water to 0-15 percent.

Hence the revenues for the water providers grow while costs go down. As everything is automated, there is no need for meter readers, no need for kiosk operators and no need for connecting/disconnecting meters.

The biggest advantage is that illegal connections become unattractive because it will be detected almost immediately.

About Water Forever & Maji Milele
Water Forever and Maji Milele are founded by Dutch entrepreneur Marcel Schreurs to provide water services for prepaid water systems, including piped water, boreholes, hand pumps. The water supply is charged, but maintenance, repairs and replacement are free of charge.

Both companies act as Kenyan distributor of high quality Dutch prepaid meters and monitoring software.

This news item is based on a release on the website of Water Forever.

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World’s first prepaid hand pump was installed in Kenya in October 2013 and led to the start-up of Maji Milele.