dws-big-world-water-workshop-luxor-770px-1On 6 September over a thousand Dutch students attended the Big World Water Workshop to be inspired to start a career in the water sector. Three scientists, an entrepreneur and a tsunami-survivor made a presentation on their current activity, giving the students an idea of a possible water career and a better understanding of their Dutch roots as water experts.

The workshop was organised by the Top Sector Water, a initiative of the national government, research centres and companies in the Dutch water sector to boost their cooperation and develop new water technologies and innovative businesses.

The workshop was part of the World Port Days in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The students heard five short presentations from inspiring speakers.

Fight against desertification - Dennis Karpes

By just digging trenches it is possible to retain more rainwater and combat desertification. It was this simple notion that made Dennis Karpes to become a young global leader and founder of Dance4Life. He tells how he became inspired to help creating a better life and started the Naga foundation to combat desertification.


Challenges in the urban water cycle - Luuk Rietveld

Luuk Rietveld is a professor at Delft University of Technology and very actively involved in the development of new technologies and concepts for innovative water supply. Rietveld tells about the need for cities to close their water cycle and how water experts can contribute to keep citizens healthy.


Tsunami suvior Thailand 2004 - Sabrine Schilleman

Sabrine Schilleman tells the students about her confrontation with this enormous force filed of mother nature. She addresses the future water experts to inspire them to make a difference. As an example she mentions the world wide alarm system that has been put in place to warn for future tsunami's. According to Schilleman the water experts that developed that warning system left the world an important heritage.


Light in the water - Adam Wexler

Alex Wexler is a scientist and currently doing research at the Wetsus Centre of excellence for sustainable water technology in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. He tells about water in the galaxy and what makes it a 'weird stuff'. He is doing research on the amazing dynamics of water in relation to energy and light: the water bridge phenomena.


Barge Master - Martijn Koppert

The Barge Master is a good example of how an innovation came to light that deals with the motion on a barge, caused by waves. Martijn Koppert tells how he found a solution and started his own business.

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