Cordaid is repairing two damaged embankments in Gondamari, Bangladesh, using biodegradable Green Soil Bags. Earlier this year local villagers were provided with these biodegradable bags - filled with soil and a mix of grass seeds - to protect the levee's top layer.

The embankments are now literally flourishing, showing the pilot project is well on its way to be strengthen by grass.

Cordaid cooperates with local communities, development agency Caritas, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Delft University of Technology.

dws-cordaid-green-levee-bangladesh-construction-350pxBuilding the levee in Kalapara, Bangladesh.

Flood prone country
Bangladesh is a flood prone country and repairing river embankments helps to minimize flood risks. In order to repair them Cordaid has started a pilot project in the village of Gondamari in Patuakhali district.

The Green Soil Bags and the seeds were produced locally, creating employment as well. If successful, the experience in Gondamari can be replicated in other villages.

Growing grass
Gerdien Seegers of Cordaid: "Embankments are often damaged either by cattle or by farmers. So it is extremely important that the levees were covered with soil and seed bags are well protected by local villagers and watered regularly. I am very happy to see that grass on the embankments in Gondamari is growing and producing seeds!"

dws-cordaid-bangladesh-green-soil-bags-350pxAbout Green Soil Bags
The Green Soil Bag is a unique sand bag specially designed for repairing dykes and flood defenses as well as increasing their height. This soil bag is developed to block water like a traditional sandbag. However the big advantage of the soil bag is that it does not have to be removed again after use during a high water calamity.

The Green Soil Bag is fully bio-degradable and moreover, the soilbag is filled with glued-in mixes of seeds and rich ground.

Extensive research was done regarding ideal seed mixes / crops, in order to improve quick root growth and the most ideal biological balance.

Dutch water boards use this smart and simple invention to strength their levees and harvest the grass.

 This news item was originally published on the website of Cordaid.

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