The seminar Flood Control Solutions for Complex Flood Risk Reduction Systems in New Orleans on April 23 demonstrated high-tech solutions for improved flood risk reduction and underlined the close cooperation between Louisiana and the Netherlands.

The seminar addressed advancements in the fields of levee monitoring, maintenance and ICT solutions, from US national and international perspective, which support cost-effective solutions.

Powerfull application to support flood control
"New Orleans’ water strategy is breathtaking and is an example for the world!" mentioned Mr. Dale Morris (Netherlands Embassy, DC) when he expressedhis admiration for the passion of the people of Louisiana. However, the operation and maintenance of the new Hurricane & Storm Damage Risk Reduction System is an enormous challenge.

With ICT applications that go beyond checking your Facebook page, maintenance can be improved and enhanced decision making in crisis conditions can be facilitated. Some powerful applications were demonstrated at the seminar.

Intelligent levee monitoring
Speakers John Monzon (CPRA, LA) and Bob Woldringh (REAL, CA) showed that with intelligent levee monitoring systems levee failure can be prevented and potential damages rapidly assessed. This matches the ´dream´ of Mr. Jan Put (Water board Groot Salland, Netherlands) to "....monitor and maintain complex flood risk reduction systems from a single intelligent dashboard. I need cost-effective maintenance measures, which I can easily determine with the dashboard of the water board."

The dashboard of mr. Put was developed as part of Flood Control 2015. Also Mr. Colin Berghouse of the Environment Agency (UK) showed how dashboards play a role in UK flood risk reduction.

Efficient maintenance
With the Hurricane & Storm Damage Risk Reduction System of New Orleans nearing completion, Robert Turner (SLFPAE, LA), is in need of advanced solutions for efficient maintenance management. He demonstrated a dashboard for improved decision making under storm conditions, developed by Dutch flood control experts Royal Haskoning, Fugro and HKV.

The Hurricane Risk and Safety Module makes data from several sources accessible (water levels, weather forecasts) and provides the levee operator with insight into levee strengths under storm conditions. The tool was demonstrated live and is a successful example of the Flood Control 2015 innovation program.

The seminar was organized as part the Flood Control 2015 Dutch innovation program, in which nine flood control institutes have joined forces for better flood protection. It was also supported, in part, by the Royal Netherlands Embassy, Washington DC

This news item was originally published on the website of the Flood Control 2015 innovation programme.

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