dws-bredenoord-md-power-water-unit-770pxDutch supplier of mobile power units, Bredenoord, will introduce its new compact MD Water Power unit at the European Production Innovation Conference & Fair (EPIC) that will take place in Groningen, the Netherlands from 15 till 17 January.

The MD Water Power Unit is installed in a standard 20 ft container and is suitable for temporary communities that lack a proper infrastructure, such as events and projects of the ministry of defence and development organizations.

Water purification with residual heat
The unit produces power via a generator. The residual heat of the generator is used to purify sea water, river water or waste water. This could easily result in an energy saving of at least 25%.

The residual heat from the generator is used to purify the water using the vacuum membrane-distillation technology of Aquaver.

The installation switches easily between the purification of freshwater, saltwater as well as waste water. As a result it is very suitable for use in desolate areas, without a proper infrastructure and facilities.

dws-bredenoord-md-water-power-unit-solar-350px  Bredenoord's clear concept line is designed on three principals: alternative fuels, reduction of emissions and reduction of fuel consumption.

Energy-efficient and flexible
Margien Storm van Leeuwen, manager New Business Bredenoord: "This flexible product is modularly deployable. In our current society it becomes increasingly more important that sites can be scaled up or down in a simple way. We launch the Unit intentionally at the EPIC conference during Noorderslag festival in Groningen, because there we can show the event branch which ground-breaking applications will be possible in the near future."

Clear concept line
The MD Water Power Unit is the latest asset of the Bredenoord Clear Concept line, developed from the Bredenoord vision on energy. General manager Jaap Fluit: "In our society we are increasingly more careful with raw materials and emission. We are exploring ways to deploy existing technology and make it more sustainable, together with partners. The use of residual heat for water purification is an excellent example."

This news item was originally published on the website of Bredenoord.

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