dws-damen-dop-pump-greatlake-toestemming-770pxCanadian firm Fraser River has deployed a DOP submersible dredge pump of Dutch-based firm Damen Shipyards for the clean-up of contaminated sediment in Hamilton Harbour, in the western tip of Lake Ontario, Canada. Fraser River has been contracted by Public Works and Government Services Canada to carry out the cleanup of the largest Canadian contaminated site on the Great Lakes.

The site is approximately 60 hectares in size, and contains some 695.000 m3 of contaminated sediment.

 dws-damen-dop-pump-greatlake-toestemming2-350pxDOP350 dredging pump, as used for the clean-up of Lake Ontario, is fitted out with leveler head which leaves a flat sea bed after dredging (photo: Fraser River).

High accuracy dredging
To ensure all contaminates are dredged and to avoid over dredging of the underlying clean soils high accuracy dredging is required.

As such Fraser River is currently taking delivery of a project specific cutter suction dredge. Prior to the arrival of this dredge onsite Fraser River has procured a DOP350 to conduct dredging within close vicinity to infrastructure including sheet pile walls and docks.

Balanced capacity
The size of the DOP was based on the estimated production capability of the downstream water treatment plant.

The balance of dredge slurry production and effluent outflow from the engineered containment facility into the water treatment plant is of critical importance to the success of this project.

 dws-damen-dop-pump-greatlake-toestemming3-350pxThe leveler head is jet water assisted boosting the production (photo: Fraser River).

Last obstacles
The contamination at Randle Reef is a result of multiple sources over a period of more than 150 years including coal gasification, petroleum refining, steel production, municipal waste, sewage effluent, and overland drainage.

One of the last obstacles to restoring Hamilton Harbour and removing it from the list of areas of concern is the clean-up of contaminated sediments at Randle Reef located at the western end of Hamilton Harbour.

DOP pumps
The DOP350 dredging pump has a robust casing and can be fitted out with a large array of suction heads, which results in a versatile dredging tool, fit for a broad range of tasks.

The pump can easily be installed on an excavator or a crane and connected to a discharge pipe system for the transportation of the sediment to a storage or treatment location.

This news item was originally published on the website of Damen.

Photo credits: Fraser River

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