Dutch businesses, research institutes and governments will cooperate more closely with Canadian counterparts on sustainable development of cities.

The Dutch ambassador in Ottawa, Henk van der Zwan (right on top photo), and the Canadian ambassador in the Netherlands, Sabina Nölke (left), formally launched the newly initiated Canadian-Dutch cooperation on 3 February.

The Dutch partnership for resilient cities in Canada will combine the water and energy sectors with integrated urban development and the creative industries. It will focus on Toronto first, and then expand to other cities in Canada.

dws-canada-nl-resilient-cities-toronto-wave-deck-350px  The Wave Deck on the waterfront of Toronto, designed by Dutch urban design office West 8.

Migration to cities
Worldwide more and more people are moving to cities, so there is an ever growing need for solutions for issues to do with energy supply, smart infrastructure and mobility.

To keep cities resilient, Dutch companies, research institutes and governments combine their efforts to deal with these issues and develop solutions together.

Example to Canada
This successful Dutch approach in New York – after hurricane Sandy – and in New Orleans – after hurricane Katrina – did not go unnoticed in Canada.

The combination of knowledge and experience, while working with local stakeholders, is considered unique and valuable for Canadian cities.

Combination of disciplines
The partnership for resilient cities combines various disciplines: special strategies, urban systems, energy, water and land.

The initiative will build upon the positive experiences with Dutch-Canadian co-operation.

Canada and the Netherlands have worked together on urban development projects in the past, such as Waterfront Toronto and Blachford Edmonton.

This news item was originally published on the website Holland Trade & Invest.

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