Dredging company Van Oord launched its first LNG-powered vessel the 'Werkendam' on the occasion of its 150th anniversary.

The event took place in the town of Werkendam, the Netherlands, the cradle of the company, on 14 April.

dws-van-oord-celebration-naming-pia-van-oord4-350px Family member Pia van Oord (left) on board of LNG-powered crane vessel Werkendam after the naming ceremony.

Less air emissions
The Werkendam crane vessel is Van Oord’s first LNG-powered vessel and is therefore the start of a new generation of dredging vessels.

The vessel is fully powered by LNG, with gas oil as a back-up. With the storage tank on the aft deck, the Werkendam can store enough LNG on board to sail and operate for fourteen days without having to refuel.

In comparison with diesel, LNG emits 80 percent less particulate matter and 70 percent less nitrous oxide. A CO2 reduction of 25 percent is also achieved.

First job in Rotterdam harbour
The crane vessel will be used mainly for the execution of Dutch projects of the subsidiary Paans Van Oord.

The first job for the Werkendam will be maintenance dredging and revetment works in the harbour of Rotterdam.

In 2018, Van Oord is celebrating its 150th anniversary. The naming ceremony of the Werkendam by Pia van Oord was one of the festivities during the anniversary year.

Pia van Oord is the wife of Govert van Oord, who is the grandson of forefather Govert van Oord, who, as an entrepreneur, laid the foundations of the current Van Oord in 1868. The Dutch regions of Werkendam and Biesbosch were his working area.

Global market leader
Over the years Van Oord has become a global market leader for dredging, marine engineering and offshore energy projects (oil, gas and wind), operating in more than fifty countries.

In 2017, it had a turnover of 1,53 billion euro (2017), with 4,500 employees and a fleet of 63 vessels.

This news item was originally published on the website of Van Oord.

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Video of the naming ceremony of the LNG crane vessel Werkendam on 14 April.