dws-water-waves-fenton-770pxCentre for applied research Centre of Expertise Water Technology (CEW), together with water technology companies Water Waves and Easymeasure, started testing a new technology to treat residual water from horticulture.

The incentive for starting the project are the new obligations for Dutch horticulturalists to remove at least 95% of the plant protection products from residual water. With conventional technology, this requires large investments for the individual horticulturalists.

The ambition of the project team is to apply a new sustainable technological concept to realize a 50 percent cost reduction for the removal of plant protection products from residual water.

dws-water-waves-greenhouse-350pxHighly reactive hydroxyl radicals
The new technology that is being tested, is based on the Fenton's reaction, using iron and hydrogen peroxide. The catalyzed decomposition of hydrogen peroxide by iron produces very reactive hydroxyl radicals that react rapidly and non-selectively with nearly all−organic pollutants.

According to planning, a large test installation will be installed at horticulture companies by mid-2016.

In case of success, Water Waves will build the equipment and put it on the market.

About Water Waves
Water Waves was founded in 2009 with the ambition to realize sustainable water purification by combining own innovations with existing products.

This combination of efforts has resulted in a strong team in which (bio)chemical, electrochemical, process technological en electro technical expertise are combined with business development and technology scouting.

Water Waves is a spin-off from water technology centre Wetsus.

About EasyMeasure
Water technology company EasyMeasure realizes new products in the fields of water purification and early warning sensor systems, such as the Impex water pollution sensor, an early warning system to monitor drinking water quality for poultry.

A product example in the field of water purification is WW Ultravibes, an ultrasound product that can be integrated in existing UV-C water disinfection equipment.

About Centre of Expertise Water Technology (CEW)
The Centre of Expertise in Water Technology (CEW) is the knowledge and innovation centre for applied research and product development in the field of water technology.

The CEW is one of the three managing partners of Water Campus Leeuwarden that combines experience of education, research, government and corporate entrepreneurship.

This news item was originally published on the website of Water Waves.

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