A consortium of four Dutch companies and the national meteorological institute demonstrated their Climate App for the first time at the Delta Programme Knowledge Festival in Almere on 23 June.

The app is developed for city planners, engineers, policy makers and interest groups seeking information on appropriate climate adaptation measures for cities.

The tool has been tested in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Copenhagen (Denmark), New Orleans (USA), Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and Delft (the Netherlands).

The consortium consists of consultancy firm Grontmij, consultancy firm Witteveen+Bos, research institute Deltares, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) and Bosch Slabbers Landscape + Urban Design. The development was co-financed by foundations Klimaat voor Ruimte and Climate Adaptation Services.

Climate proof cities
How can we make cities safe against flooding, heavy rainfall, drought and heat? City planners, engineers, policy makers and interest groups increasingly find themselves faced with the challenge of making cities safe from the consequences of climate change.

Over the past few years, much research has been carried out in this area, and books full of possible measures have been written.

The Climate App, a new free tool, ensures simple and rapid access to all those measures.

dws-grontmij-climate-app-pc-tablet-phone-350pxWorldwide application, easy to use
The app offers a wealth of information and inspiration relevant for any new building, restructuring or renovation project. Based on simple criteria such as scale, land use and product type, the app selects and ranks possible climate adaption measures.

As a result, the user is provided with a rapid overview of the most relevant measures available.

Tool for urban climate solution
The testers have all experienced the fact that the urban living environment can successfully be made climate proof by joining forces in the search for solutions, using the app as a source of inspiration.

The app supports the process of combining measures at city, district, street or building level. Use of the app in pilot cities shows that the tool works very quickly and as such is eminently suitable for use in workshops and training sessions for city planners, engineers, policy makers and interest groups.

The Climate App can be used via www.climateapp.nl and is available in the Apple Appstore and Google Playstore (search for: Climate Adaptation App).

This news item was originally published on the websites of DeltaresBosch SlabbersGrontmij (as a pdf file) and Witteveen+Bos (Dutch only).

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