Non-governmental organisation Connect International is testing the combination of solar panels and submersible pumps at the Smart Centre of the Mzuzu University in Malawi.

Technical advisor Renier Veldman of Connect International and his Dutch colleague Hans Kasbergen (left on top photo) of Central chuch of Central Africa Presby (CCAP) are conducting the test together with two students of Mzuzu University.

Veldman is detached to the Mzuzu Smart Centre as a participant of the Dutch Young Expert Programme Water (YEP Water). He works there as a technical advisor for research on low-cost water and sanitation technology.

dws-connect-malawi-smart-centre-training-veldman-350px Renier Veldman (third from right) is also teacher at the Smart centre.

Cheaper solar panels and pumps
Since the price of solar panels and submersible pumps have dropped recently, this set-up might be a viable low-cost option to provide households with water for drinking or irrigation.

The total set will approximately cost between 300 and 400 US dollar.

The set-up was recently tested for a first time and all the elements functioned. The testing will be continued under different circumstances such as pressure and water level.

About Mzuzi Smart centre
Mzuzu's Sustainable marketable affordable reliable technologies (Smart) centre was established in 2012 as a joint effort of Mzuzu University, Connect International and CCAP.

The centre offers the demonstration of a range of low cost technologies and has the capacity to train local entrepreneurs in water and sanitation technologies with a focus on rural water supply and ‘self-supply’.

Training also includes business skills, linking entrepeneurs and their customers to micro-financing institutions.

About YEP Water
The Young Expert Programme Water (YEP Water) is a joint public private partnership between the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Netherlands Water Partnership and involves Dutch companies, knowledge institutions and social organisations.

It teams up Dutch and local young professionals, providing them an opportunity to acquire professional experience abroad and work in an international environment via Dutch organisations.

This news item is based on the Akvo-report: Water training centre in Malawi.

More information
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Young Expert Programme Water
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