Grontmij announces that it has been included as at the end of September 2011 the Palisades Global Water Index (ticker PIIWI), a leading Dow Jones index measuring the global water industry.

Global water business
The Index is comprised of companies traded on stock exchanges worldwide that significantly participate in the global water business and serves as a proxy for measuring the increasing economic value of water associated with the impact that temporal and spatial scarcity has on the relationships among human health, economic development and ecological sustainability. The Index is designed, managed and maintained by Palisades Water Index Associates, LLC, a provider of water industry indices and research in the USA.

Grontmij is an expert in the whole range of sustainable water, and energy management solutions, with revenues in Water & Energy for the year 2010 of 210 million euro.

Sustainability as design principle
Sylvo Thijsen, CEO Grontmij NV: “I am very pleased with the listing on this index as it recognizes Grontmij’s commitment to our sustainability by design principle which is at the heart of our business and forms the basis of our CSR strategy. It also acknowledges our extensive knowledge and expertise in the water industry. By applying sustainability considerations to all our design, consultancy and management services right across the value chain, our highly-skilled expert professionals are able to create lasting solutions that plan for, connect and respect the future.”

Grontmij is the third largest engineering consultancy in Europe with approximately 10,000 professionals and almost 300 offices across the region and a further 50 offices globally. The company's four business lines are: Planning & Design, Transportation & Mobility, Water & Energy, Monitoring & Testing.

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The Palisades Global Water Index is a modified equal-dollar weighted index comprised of companies (currently: 31) traded on stock exchanges worldwide that are positioned to benefit significantly from the escalating global demand for water and the ecological imperative of sustainable water resource governance. The Indexes are comprised of six sectors that define the water industry, each of which is assigned a Sector weight based upon relative fundamentals. These sectors are water utilities, treatment, analytical, infrastructure, resource management and multi-business.

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