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Damen delivered a floating booster station to a Chinese contractor working on a Middle Eastern job. The design of the containerized booster and the pontoons is based on maximizing the versatility of the complete unit, yet keeping transport practical and affordable.

Fully containerized
The booster station, type BS750, is a fully containerized diesel driven unit. It houses a Damen dredge pump, type BP7570MD, and its 1.825 kW Caterpillar drive. The dredge pump has replaceable Ni-hard 4 wear parts, and is fitted out with a mechanical shaft seal, not requiring grease nor gland water.

Remote control
The booster works on a Ø 750 mm suction and discharge pipe line. The 40’ container is fitted out with large doors and hatches facilitating service and maintenance. Its most remarkable features are the remote control system, as well as the possibility to use either air cooling or water cooling – making the booster a versatile tool.

Multi-functional pontoons
The booster is placed on modular pontoons. These multi-functional pontoons can be used as floating units when coupled, or can be used individually as for instance fuel tanks. As the pontoons are provided with an official Container Certificate, they can be shipped anywhere by any means of transport, severely cutting shipping costs and transit times.

The pontoons have been built under LRS Class and have the international notation for Work at Sea. The pontoons have here been designed in a fully self supporting configuration, with fuel storage, drink water and black water storage facilities.

The pontoon is moored using 4 anchors. On the pontoons day and night accommodation containers, work and navigation lights are placed, and safety provisions have been made.

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Shipped to Saudi Arabia
The complete floating booster unit will be delivered to China Harbour Arabia Engineering Company, a subsidiary of the important Chinese contractor CCCC Guangzhou Dredging. The unit is shipped to Damman, Saoedi Arabia, where it will join a CHAEC cutter suction dredger working on a port expansion project.

The booster adds a major discharge distance to the current dredger, and it will be remote controlled by the dredge master. Hence the dredge master has a continuous and full control of the entire dredging process, enabling him to maximize efficiency.

Field service assistance
The floating booster unit will arrive at Damman port early November, where Damen field service engineers will assist at its the commissioning and start up. The local crew including the dredge operators will be trained in the use as well as the maintenance of the booster.

As the delivery includes wear parts, spare parts, consumables and tools, the booster will have an excellent start. During the project, the crew will be supported by the local Damen Service representative.

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