dws-damen-series-decommisioning-vessels-impression-770pxDamen Shipyards Group has launched a new series of vessels to remove off shore construction.

The new Damen Decommissioning Series will specialise in three core areas of the oil and gas decommissioning sector: topside decommissioning, offshore platform removal, and subsea cleaning and removal.

The design of the vessel is based on in-house research carried out at Damen by one of its undergraduate interns.

dws-damen-series-decommisioning-vessels-platform-350pxLarge market for removal of fixed platforms
The preliminary estimations of the vessel’s capabilities show that it will be possible to perform decommissioning of fixed platforms of up to 1,600 tonnes in weight.

This figure represents a significant amount of global fixed platforms, and over half of those are located in the North Sea.

In order to deliver maximum flexibility to clients, the concept design includes modular add-ons. This creates the possibility that these vessels will not be solely active in the decommissioning market.

Assign specialized personnel
Damen Manager Design and Proposal Offshore & Transport Lucas Zaat: “We initiated this project because we felt that we can make a difference in this sector – and it has certainly generated some significant ideas. The decommissioning market is close to our current activities. We are therefore planning to continue with this project and assign specialized personnel to implement it.”

Split stern removal
On occasion of the launch Justin Rietveld, who was involved in the initial market research as a student at the Rotterdam Mainport University of Applied Sciences, explained that the idea of developing a decommissioning vessel was based on Damen’s existing portfolio.

“However, we soon found out that this market needs more", Rietveld continued. "For example, there are many different activities within the decommissioning sector. This vessel can support a vast number of those. We have developed a concept to cover the bigger part of this new and exciting market.”

The vessel’s mono hull design has a split stern; a characteristic that will come into play during platform removal operations. This enables the ship to reverse up to a jacket, where it will be ballasted to sink below the platform. Upon deballasting, the vessel will rise up to pick up the platform.

This news item was originally published on the website of Damen Shipyards Group.

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