dws-damen-invasave-rotterdam-770pxDamen Green Solutions, part of Damen Shipyards, shipped a container-based InvaSave 300 unit to the port of Las Palmas for the treatment of ballast water from ships that want to change their ballast water.

The shipment is part of Damen’s participation in the European-funded project Atlantic Blue Port Services that involves many ports and research organisations along Europe’s Atlantic coast. The project aims at the introduction of port services for treatment of oil and ballast waters. Part of the project is the demonstration of the InvaSave 300 in Las Palmas.

dws-damen-invasave-port-las-palmas-350px  Port of Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, where the InvaSave 300 will be demonstrated as part of the Atlantic Blue Port project (photo: Port of Las Palmas).

Strict IMO treatment standards
In the port of Las Palmas, the unit will be connected to a vessel’s ballast water manifold to take on the no-longer needed water and treat it to the strict D2-standard as prescribed by the IMO’s Ballast Water Management Convention.

The special part is that the InvaSave is the world’s only land-based ballast water management system that is actually IMO-certified to carry out such a job in a single treatment step, without any holding times or use of chemicals.

Damen Green Solutions Sales Manager Philip Rabe said, "We are delighted to contribute to this important project. The importance of adequate port-reception that facilitates a cleaner maritime industry - is crystal clear and the InvaSave can make important contributions in this regard."

dws-damen-invasave-300-gran-canaria-350pxExample of a mobile InvaSave 300 unit as has been shipped to Las Palmas (Photo: Damen).

Workshop session
The demonstration of the InvaSave 300 is part of the 'Atlantic Blue Port Services’ second stakeholder workshop session.

Several interesting presentations are planned besides the demonstration, coming from industry, the Port Authority of the Port of Las Palmas as well as from the Las Palmas University.

The programme itself, a cooperation between close to 30 project partners from Spain, Portugal, France, the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands, intends to promote and develop the feasibility of, and best practices for, port reception and treatment facilities.

The aim is to drastically reduce oil and polluted ballast water discharge at sea.

This news item was originally published on the website of Damen and Atlantic Blue Ports.

(Top photo: Damen Green Solutions)

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