dws-dasuda-cape-town-floods-table-mountain-770pxThe Dutch Alliance for Sustainable Urban Development in Africa (Dasuda) uses the 3Di Live mapping tool to develop an integral master plan for the future development of Cape Town, South Africa.

The use of 3Di Live enables the visualisation of the local effects on the city's water system.

The 3-dimensional modeling tool is developed by the Dutch 3Di-consortium formed by the research institute Deltares, Delft University of Technology and consultancy firm Nelen & Schuurmans.

Dasuda recently started the urban development project in Cape Town as part of a Dutch public-private initiative to support African growth regions with expertise for stable and future-proof development.

Fast growing African cities
One of Dasuda's first projects is Cape Town, South Africa. Both in terms of population and in terms of economy, it is a fast-growing city, providing many challenges in the area of housing, transport, drinking and waste water infrastructure and energy.

The urban development experts of Dasuda join local partners, both governments and commercial organisations, in all phases to draw up an integral master plan.

In order to visualise the effects of urban development on the water system, the experts use 3Di Live to simulate floods.

dws-dasuda-3di-cape-town-simulation-rain-350px-1About 3Di Live
3Di Live is the interactive web version of the 3Di model instruments developed by the 3Di-consortium. It is based on a flexible calculation grid that is automatically adjusted by the model depending on elevation variability. This allows a very detailed simulation of the local effects of heavy rains and subsequent flooding of low-lying areas.

3Di Live supports flood management, dike and dam monitoring and drought management.

About Dasuda
The Dutch Alliance for Sustainable Urban Development in Africa (Dasuda) is founded by three Dutch urban development experts to support governments, NGO's, financial institutions and developers of African cities with their urban development challenges to achieve a stable and future-proof city to become sustainable, profitable and welcoming.

Dasuda brings a multidisciplinary team of experts in fields like urbanism, landscape architecture, environment, housing, infrastructure, water, traffic, energy, economics and so on to establish a quick problem analysis and a high quality integrated sustainable solution to every specific location setting a new standard that combines a durable development for a growing amount of citizens that seek improved qualities of everyday life.

See a 3Di Live demo simulating rain showers and their effects on the water level of the Deep River in Cape Town.

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