dws-delft-software-tsunami-globe-770pxFrom 27 October to 7 November the Dutch research institute Deltares expects over 400 participants from 40 nationalities to join this year's edition of the Delft Software Days, in Delft, the Netherlands.

New this year is the course on Tsunami modelling.

Delft Software Days provides a venue for both users and developers of Deltares software products, tools and data & knowledge management systems. It gives an opportunity to present new scientific insights in modelling, recent advances in data & knowledge management and latest open software developments, related to water, subsurface and infrastructure.

The event is held in support of the Delft open source community that currently has 10,000+ members worldwide and is growing rapidly.

dws-delft-software-tsunami-toolkit-350pxUnique features for modelling tsunamis
The devastating effects of tsunamis in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, and Japan have pointed at an urgent need to be able to model tsunamis, to study different coastal protection options and to implement tsunami early warning systems with short arrival times in the order of 15 – 30 minutes.

The Delft3D simulation software has been designed to simulate tsunamis, enabling participants to build the early warning systems they need.

For the simulation the participants can use Delft Dashboard which has unique features to set up tsunami models, and Delft-FEWS as an open data 24/7 handling platform.

dws-delft-software-2014-hands-on-350pxHands-on sessions
Deltares will educate how to set up tsunami models. Theory sections are alternated by hands-on sessions, where one can even discuss their own modelling case.

Course leader is Deepak Vatvani, the Deltares expert in tsunami modelling.

The tsunami modelling course, on Friday 31 October, is part of the Delft Software Days.

See the full programme of the Delft Software Days.

This news item was originally published on the website of Deltares.

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