Mr Zheng Bing Wang has been appointed by the TU Delft Executive Board as professor of Morphodynamics of Lagoons and Estuaries within the department of Hydraulic Engineering.

New chair on morphodynamics of estuaries
This new chair focuses on education and research in the general field of morphodynamics of lagoons and estuaries, with an emphasis on the Dutch/German Wadden Sea. The main fields of knowledge of this multidisciplinary chair are: hydrodynamics, sediment transport processes, geological processes, interaction with the biological system and morphological changes in different time scales.

Abiotic aspects and their interaction with biotic aspects are a particular object of study.

Human interventions and natural phenomena
The ultimate aim of the research is to improve understanding of the way in which lagoons and estuaries respond to human interventions and natural phenomena. The research is also intended to lead to better tools for computing and forecasting the effects of past and future interventions.

To achieve this morphodynamical processes must be understood and modeled on an engineering scale, using both knowledge of processes as well as empirical knowledge.

Internationally acknowledged
Mr Wang’s experience, knowledge and personality are excellently suited to the job description. He is nationally and internationally acknowledged by his peer scientists and is considered to be an expert in his field. Mr Wang has been working in the department of Hydraulic Engineering as associate professor since 1990, during which time he has supervised many MSc and PhD students and contributed to several courses.

He has also performed valuable consultancy work at Deltares.

This press release was originally published on the website of Delft University.

More information
Delft University of technology, department of Hydraulic Engineering
Delft, the Netherlands
Professor Zheng Bing Wang,
+31 15 278 2785075