Expert network Delta Alliance and the Global Water Partnership have jointly started a thinking process on water management and governance in deltas. For that purpose an electronic discussion platform has been set up through a LinkedIn Group ‘What makes water management in deltas different?’

Input for workshop at Stockholm water week
The results of this discussion platform will be used and presented in a special session during the GWP Consulting Partners meeting on 26 August 2012 in Stockholm and in a workshop on deltas during the Stockholm Water Week on 29 August 2012. Both events are jointly organised by Delta Alliance and GWP.

The objective of this process will be a GWP - Delta Alliance document on delta policies and best practices towards the end of 2012 and to develop a joint agenda for further cooperation. These documents will feed into the next GWP and Delta Alliance Strategies.

Invitation to participate

Everybody is invited to participate in this e-consultation which will run until the end of August 2012.

Go to de LinkedIn group: What makes water management in deltas different.

This news item was originally published in the website of Delta Alliance.

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