During a free webinar by Delta Alliance, three experts will explain the concept of Adaptive Delta Management (ADM) to make river deltas less vulnerable to climate change, rising sea levels, and growing populations.

The one-hour webinar will start on Thursday 29 June at 15.00 hours Central European Time (CET).

Complicated decision-making
Decision-making on water management and coastal protection in river deltas is complicated by uncertainties about the future, the dynamic nature and the interaction between the environment and society.

Moreover, economic and environmental priorities do not always align with adaptation measures.

Therefore, the Delta Alliance, a knowledge driven network of organizations in 18 river deltas, will host a special webinar to introduce Adaptive Delta Management (ADM) as a tool for authorities to develop an adaptation strategy.

dws-delta-alliance-webinar-adm-pathways-350px  Unique about the ADM-method is the use of ‘adaptation pathways’ that consider certain moments in time for new policy actions (black circles), tipping point (vertical bar), and decision nodes (triangles) for multiple actions under changing conditions.

Dealing with uncertainties
ADM aims to assess climate change impacts, develop adaptation measures and analyse the effectiveness, robustness and flexibility of the adaptation strategy.

Besides that, ADM aids in dealing with uncertainties in a transparent and sensible way, by linking current decision making to future choices. Though the prime focus is on delta areas, the approach can be applied beyond delta areas.

In practice
To date, ADM has been applied to a limited number of cases in practice, such as the Thames Estuary 2100 study in the United Kingdom, the Delta Programme in the Rhine and Meuse delta in the Netherlands, and the Delta Plan study in Bangladesh.

This webinar aims to identify under which conditions and with what modifications ADM can be successfully applied elsewhere.

Based on experience and expert opinions, the applicability of ADM in other adaptive planning contexts such as Vietnam, Bangladesh and the U.S. will be reviewed.

dws-delta-alliance-webinar-thames-350pxPools to retain water and create a new wetland wildlife habitat in West Canvey Marsh, Thames estuary, UK

Three presenters
The three announced presenters are:
● dr. Ad Jeuken, Expert advisor climate adaptation and water management, Deltares
● dr. Marjolijn Haasnoot, Senior expert in water management and environmental modelling, Deltares and Delft University of Technology
● Denise Reed, Vice president for strategic research initiatives, The Water Institute of the Gulf

How to attend
Go to https://metameta.adobeconnect.com/adaptivedelta/
Click on ‘Enter as Guest’, enter a user name and click on ‘Enter Room’.

Click here to check your local timings.

This news item was originally published on the website of Delta Alliance.

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