dws-deltares-batumi-chorokhi-delta-aerial-750pxResearch institute Deltares is working, in cooperation with Georgian consultancy firm Saunders group, on the design of a new coastal defence system to protect the Black Sea coast, near the town of Batumi in Georgia, against erosion.

The Georgian coast near Batumi has been struggling with coastal erosion for years, with more than one metre a year being lost to the sea in some places.

The construction of a coastal defence system should protect houses, roads and a section of the airport close to the coast.

dws-deltares-batumi-coast-damage-350px-Less sediment, more erosion
Coastal erosion is worsening because less sediment is being deposited on the coastline by the Chorokhi River.

This river used to transport large amounts of sediment to the coast.

However, as a result of the natural displacement of the river, and the building of new dams along its course, ´sediment hunger´ has become a challenge.

Two deep canyons of the coast
Project leader Alessio Giardino of Deltares: " In technical terms, this is a difficult project because there are two deep canyons just in front of the coast. That means, for example, that it is not easy to build groins or robust hydraulic engineering structures. We are going to study the causes of the coastal erosion, drawing on past studies at the same time."

Model calculations
Giardino continues: "On the basis of the results, we will be able to identify the required measures and we will carry out model calculations for the coastal defence system. Alongside the hard solutions, we will also be looking at possible soft solutions that make smart use of sediment."

The project is being financed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and conducted by the Municipal Development Fund of Georgia (MDF).

This news item was originally published on the website of Deltares.

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