A Dutch delegation, led by the Dutch province of Zuid-Holland visited the Taolinkou reservoir in China in May to prepare a project on hydrological forecasting and reservoir optimization of the reservoir.

On the occasion an contract signing took place by the Dutch province of Zuid-Holland and the Chinese Hebei province, to formally mark the launch of the project.

The technical parties involved in the project are Taolinkou Reservoir Authority (TRA), Hebei Provincial Institute of Water Resources (HPIWR) and the Dutch research institute Deltares.

dws-deltares-taolinkou-delegation-350px  Dutch delegation visting the reservoir together with their Chinese colleagues.

First model results
During a meeting Dutch and Chinese experts looked back on the steps taken before reaching an agreement. They are looking forward to a successful project and cooperation. Deltares showed the first model results of the hydrological model (WFlow) using open data. 

Several Deltares software apllications will be applied to the project, such as WFlow, RTC-Tools and Delft-FEWS.

It is the first reservoir management study in China that Deltares is leading.

Taolinkou Reservoir
Taolinkou Reservoir is located in Qinglong County at Hebei Province. It is located near the Qinglong River, a tributary of the Luan River. The total catchment area is 5,060 km2 and the reservoir has a capacitity of 859 million m3.

The main purpose of the reservoir is to provide drinking water for Qinhuangdao City, to provide agricultural irrigation water for the middle and lower catchments of the Luan River, and to undertake flood control tasks for the small and medium size floods downstream.

This news item was originally published on the website of Deltares.

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