Dutch State secretary for Infrastructure and the Environment Wilma Mansveld officially opened the demonstration site for hospital wastewater in Sneek, the Netherlands on 1 September.

At the demo site firms and research organisations working on new treatment technology can easily plug in a containerized pilot plant to do research and test the treatment of real hospital wastewater.

The site is a joint initiative between Wetsus, the Antonius Hospital, the municipality of South-West Fryslan, Water Alliance, Water board Fryslan and water technology firm Desah.

dws-wetsus-demo-site-hospital-plug-in-and-play3-350px   Plug in and play

Three different wastewater streams
The plug in facility is designed for research and testing new water treatment technologies on three different wastewater streams:
• the full stream
• the sub stream of toilet wastewater from sections using large amounts of cytostatic and antibiotic
• the sub streams from toilets that collect urine and the faeces separately

The plug in facility has been designed by Desah.

Several companies including Biotrack, Pure Green, Water Waves and HAPPS will conduct research at the demo site.

Antibiotic resistant bacteria
Hospitals wastewater are often still disposed into the normal sewage system. An emerging number of publications point out their possible role as a source for antibiotic resistant bacteria which might pose a threat to human health.

Another issue is the removal of drug residues so that these residues do not end up in the environment.

dws-wetsus-demo-site-hospital-mansveld-350pxEnvironment state secretary Wilma Mansveld (right) opening the new demo site.

More demo sites for water treatment
The demo site at Antonius Hospital is one of the five 'on site' testing locations for new water treatment technologies,
initiated by Wetsus centre of excellence for sustainable water technology.

At the sites new concepts can be scaled up, tested and demonstrated.

The sites are situated at a waste water treatment plant, a drinking water production plant, a salt mining company, a water laboratory and now also at a hospital.

This news item was originally published on the website of Wetsus.

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