The West-Australian Watercorporation has awarded DHV a 3-year service contract for the maintenance and support of the aeration control of five wastewater treatment plants (wwtp) in Australia. Special software allows the maintance of plants are operated remotely from the Netherlands.

Advanced automation
These five plants vary in capacity from 25.000 to 150.000 population equivalents and have been built according to DHV's Carrousel treatment system. The plants are equipped with the advanced Aquasuite CarCON aeration controller. The wwtp's, located at great distance from each other, are remotely operated most of the time which asks for advanced automation.

Prediction of loadings
The unique feature is that CarCON predicts the wwtp loadings 24-7 and optimizes its control parameters through a self learning mechanism. This allows CarCON to accurately and energy-efficiently control the effluent quality.

Boost to operator's knowledge
The 3-year service contract incorporates client support, process- and control performance evaluation and maintenance of software and control through, amongst others, a yearly software upgrade. The online support also allows DHV to boost the operator's knowledge of process and control.

CarCON is part of DHV's Aquasuite products and services for control of water treatment systems.

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This press release was originally published on the DHV website.

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