Planning Minister AK Khandker of Bangladesh and the minister for international cooperation Ben Knapen of the Netherlands signed a memorandum of understanding on May 22 in Dhaka to jointly develop a long term national flood protection plan. The signing ceremony was attended by prime minister Sheikh Hasina.

Strategic partnership
The MOU outlines a strategic partnership with the Dutch government contributing 4 million euros. The ‘delta plan 2100’ has to be ready within four years.

The partnership covers sustainable delta management, integrated water resources management, disaster management, and adaptation to climate change.

Technological and financial support
On the occasion of the signing of the MOU president Hasina told the Dutch minister that Bangladesh deserves high level international support including technological and financial assistance in its climate change adaptation and mitigation programmes.

Under the deal, Bangladesh will conduct about 20 studies of different types at the main rivers and adjoining areas with the Dutch help.

Local experts and experts from Netherlands will jointly carry out the works under the project.

One overall climate adaptation plan
Bangladesh is a country crisscrossed by some 310 rivers, Hasina said, mentioning that her government has undertaken a mega project, titled ‘capital dredging’ for increasing navigability of the rivers and also prevent floods.

At present, Bangladesh has three plans in place with regard to water management: National Water Management Plan, Integrated Coastal Management Plan and the Agricultural Master Plan for Southern Region.

But taking all the three plans into one fold, the proposed Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 will be prepared with a holistic approach.

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