This week Dutch companies attract a lot of attention during WEFTEC, the most important water technology trade show in North America this time taking place in New Orleans.

A number of Dutch companies are exhibiting in the Holland Business Pavilion. This stand is organized by the Water Alliance based in Leeuwarden, in cooperation with the Dutch Embassy in Washington and the consulate in Miami.

The Holland business pavilion is in hall 2, booth number 1459.

The WEFTEC trade show takes place from 27 September to 1 October. 

dws-weftec-holland-pavilion-posters-350px--1Old Dutch painters
The Dutch pavilion at the WEFTEC exhibition is titled 'Meet the Dutch Masters in Water Technology', referring to the old masters of the Netherlands.

Since President Obama visited the National Museum in Amsterdam earlier this year, there has been a surge of interest in the old Dutch painters in the United States.

"The title and the orange tulips are the attractive backdrop of the Holland business pavilion and there is a great rush at the booth. The participating Dutch water technology firms are constantly engaged in booth visits", Hein Molenkamp, Director of the Water Alliance says.

Eight Dutch companies participate in the Holland business pavilion. In addition, there are two Dutch companies with their own booth, Paques (waste water treatment) and Berghof Membranes (membrane filtration).

Increasing US-Dutch cooperation
"For Dutch water technology companies North America is an increasingly attractive market", Molenkamp of Water Alliance explains. "Delegations from both the United States and Canada regularly visit the Netherlands to discuss the possibilities for more cooperation. As a result, several Dutch companies now take their first steps in this market"

Molenkamp: "As a partnership of Dutch governmental agencies and water technology firms, we have facilitated the development of this US-Dutch network over the past two years. To extend this network we organized a reception on the stand together with the Dutch embassy in Washington and the Dutch consulate in Miami."

According to Molenkamp the network reception was very well attended (top photo).

dws-weftec-holland-pavilion-dmt-poster-350pxExhibitors at WEFTEC's Holland pavilion
Dutch water technology companies present at the Holland business pavilion at Weftec2014 are:

Berghof Membrane Technology
leading manufacturers of tubular membrane products, including the innovative low energy concept Biopulse.
DMT environmental technology
technology firm to solve waste water treatment problems from small scale, on site systems, up-to large MBR based leachate treatment plants.
Genap Waterproof solutions
producer of storage facilities for manure and water storage and currently exploring the US-market in order to open a prefabrication and installing company to serve the North American market.
Innovative Membrane Technologies (IMT)
producer of polyethersulfone (PES) membranes required for use in ultrafiltration (UF) and microfiltration (MF) with its flagship the revolutionary Sevenbore UF membrane, a multibore design incorporating seven capillaries into a single fibre.
European market leader in design and manufacture of equipment for flow control: non return valves, sluice gates (penstocks) and tilting weirs in stainless steel and/or HDPE highly durable plastics
world market leader in the field of anaerobic purification plants, developing ingenious systems that produce energy from wastewater, whilst purifying the water and facilitating water reuse.
RWB Services
Specialized on designing and producing standardized water quality treatment modules and products, with specific expertise in moving bed (bio)filtration (MBF) and tilted plate separation (TPS) for various applications in water and waste water treatment.
supplier and contractor of the patented TurboTec Continuous Thermal Hydrolysis Process (cTHP), a new technology as a pre-treatment step for sludge and biomass to enhance the biogas production in the anaerobic digestion.
the quest for the ultimate water disinfectant has finally come to an end with TwinOxide's two component chlorine desinfection concept. The concept does not generate THM’s, HAA’s and AOX.

Read more on these participating companies: Holland business pavilion participants & organizing parties (booklet, as pdf-file)

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