dws-vei-dwasa-dhaka-maintenance-770pxDhaka water supply and sewerage authority (DWASA) and Vitens Evides International (VEI) from the Netherlands have signed a memorandum of understanding expressing their commitment to intensify the existing partnership and explore future opportunities.

This partnership focusses on technical support on operations and maintenance of drinking water infrastructure and on demonstration of urban dredging technologies as well as the extension of services into Dhaka’s low income communities.

Engr. Taqsem Kahn, managing director of DWASA and Mr. Marco Schouten, CEO of VEI signed a memorandum of understanding on 11 February in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

dws-vei-dwasa-mou-kahn-schouten2-350px Director Taqsem Kahn (left) of DWASA and director Marco Schouten (right) of VEI on occasion of signing the mou.

Explore new opportunities
Engr. Taqsem Kahn stated: "the partnership between DWASA and VEI is an excellent one. So far we are harvesting good results; we are replicating these results and we are doing some rethinking. Now is the time to start the preparation for exploring new opportunities so we can expand and extend in the future".

DWASA and VEI have been cooperating in Dhaka since 2012.

Assessment of ongoing cooperation
A VEI delegation visited Dhaka to assess the progress and quality of this ongoing cooperation. They had a meeting with Ms. Zuena Aziz, vice chairman of DWASA board, and the management team of DWASA to discuss the future possibilities.

During the meeting with Ms. Zuena Aziz it became clear that 100% coverage of drinking water in Bangladesh is the first priority.

The partnership between DWASA and VEI is important to reach this goal as this partnership acts as best practice for water supply and sewerage authorities (wasa) of other cities in Bangladesh, such as Chittagong, Khulna, Sylhet and Rajshahi.

dws-vei-dwasa-dredging-dhaka-350pxTo remedy Dhaka's drainage problems DWASA started the Urban Dredging Demonstration Project (UDDP) under the partnership with VEI.

About Dhaka WASA
Dhaka water supply & sewerage authority (WASA) was established in 1963 and today its service area covers more than 360 square km with a population of about 125 million.

Based on the tremendous geographical expansion and population growth over the last two decades, DWASA’s activities have been reorganized by Dhaka WASA Act, 1996 and according to this act, DWASA is operating as a service oriented commercial organization.

About Vitens Evides International
Vitens Evides International (VEI) is a joint venture of the two largest water companies in the Netherlands: Vitens and Evides. Two other Dutch water companies (of Limburg and Groningen) act as additional participants.

Through cooperation with water companies in developing- and transition countries, VEI has extensive experience with improving water supply, water quality and wastewater services.

These collaborations have facilitated the partner utilities to become financially sustainable and thus able to attract investment funds for upgrading and expanding services to the poor in urban areas.

This news item was originally published on the website of Vitens Evides International.

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