dws-ecorus-dwd-jointhepipe-770pxConsultancy firm Ecorys has been contracted by the European Commission to lead a team of experts to evaluate the Drinking Water Directive and to assess its impact.

Other organisations that have been commissioned to support the 'Safe2drink' expert team are Dutch-based research institutes Alterra Wageningen UR and KWR Watercycle Research Institute, British-based consultancy firm ACTeon and Hungary-based Regional Environmental Centre for Central and Eastern Europe (REC).

The main objective of the study is to support a possible revision of Europe’s drinking water policy.

Potential policy revision
The Drinking Water Directive ensures that within the EU drinking water quality is controlled through standards and it provides the consumers with adequate, timely and appropriately information.

This study is to provide support in a possible revision of the EU's drinking water policy and the current Drinking Water Directive.

dws-ecorys-dwd-scheme-350Working scheme of Safe2drink expert team.

Fit for purpose
In order to achieve the main objective of the study, two main study parts will be executed. The first part of the study covers an ex post evaluation of the Drinking water directive and drinking water policy to assess whether the legislation is fit for purpose and achieving its objectives.

This ex post evaluation will cover the key performance dimensions of an ex- post public policy evaluation, including: effectiveness, efficiency, EU value added, coherence and relevance.

Future options
The second part of the study consists of an ex ante impact assessment of future policy options for renewing the Drinking Water Directive. In this assessment a baseline scenario will be developed against which different possible alternative policy scenarios will be assessed in terms of environmental, health, social and economic impacts.

The ex-ante impact assessment of different policy options is preceded by a dedicated task scoping and testing Drinking Water health risk assessment.

Stakeholder consultations
The team is currently collecting additional input form stakeholders, both through interviews and by taking stakeholders statements into account.

The team's first stakeholder consultation took place on 26 May. There were in total 65 different stakeholders present from various sectors, including agriculture, pesticide producers, transport, materials industry, regulating authorities and civil organizations.

This news item was originally published on the website of Ecorys.

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