dws-eijkelkamp-plantcare-soilsensor-770px-1Dutch equipment supplier for agricultural and enviromental research Eijkelkamp has signed an agreement with the Swiss company Plantcare.

Eijkelkamp will be responsible for the worldwide distribution of PlantCare’s Mini-Logger, a (wireless) sensor which records soil moisture and soil temperature, and the PlantControl D wireless data logger.

PlantCare develops and markets intelligent irrigation systems for agriculture and landscaping.

Supplementary product
Eijkelkamp’s Managing Director Frank Tillmann is delighted with the expansion of Eijkelkamp’s product range: "PlantCare products are a great supplement on our current product range. These products indicate when to start the irrigation and how long to irrigate. We all know that irrigation is of vital importance for our future’s food security. Furthermore PlantCare products fit seamlessly in our solutions concept for environmental research."

dws-eijkelkamp-plant-care-minilogger-350px-1About PlantCare
PlantCare Ltd. was founded in 2005 and is based in Switzerland. PlantCare develops and markets intelligent irrigation systems for agriculture and landscaping to ensure demand based irrigation and efficient use of water as a resource.

PlantCare’s worldwide patented sensor technology is based on the microthermic measurement of soil moisture. A specially developed felt material in moisture balance with the soil acts as the interface between the surrounding soil and the sensor.

To measure the moisture level, the sensor is briefly heated and the cooling-down time, which varies depending on soil moisture, is determined. The sensor’s cooling-down time thus provides a statement of the soil’s moisture content.

PlantCare’s irrigations systems are used in agricultural research, forestry, hydrology and for irrigation monitoring in garden and landscaping construction, agriculture, horticulture and (tree) nurseries.

About Eijkelkamp
Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment BV supplies a complete range of equipment for environmental and agricultural research. The current product range can best be described as equipment for soil, water, plant, climate and residual substances research and is intended primarily for agricultural, hydrological and environmental studies.

Eijkelkamp has 90 employees and operates worldwide.

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