The 2016 Conference of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Water will be held in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, on Wednesday 10 February.

The 700 participants from 60 countries reflect on the state of play with regard to water-related innovation in Europe. The recommendations will be outlined in the Leeuwarden Declaration. The theme of the conference is 'How is water innovation succeeding in Europe?'

The conference is organized by the European Commission, with support from water technology research centre Wetsus, city of Leeuwarden, province of Friesland, Association of Dutch water companies Vewin, Dutch water authorities and WaterCampus Leeuwarden.

dws-watercampus-eip-water-buisman-350px  Scientific director Cees Buisman of water technology research centre Wetsus.

Preconditions for innovation
"The European Union's objectives for water quality and the establishment of a circular economy, are very challenging and difficult to reach without innovation", says scientific director Cees Buisman of research institute Wetsus that has its home at the WaterCampus Leeuwarden.

Buisman continues: "This major EIP Water Conference with 700 participants from science, government and entrepreneurs will focus on removing the main barriers of innovation in the field of water treatment, water reuse and resource recovery. We are very proud that Leeuwarden is the meeting place for so many international water professionals.

Closing the water loop
In its action plan for the circular economy, published in December last year, the European Commission outlined the proposals to boost the market for secondary raw materials and water reuse.

The plan includes guidance on best waste management and resource efficiency practices in industrial sectors in best available techniques reference documents (BREFs), as well as a legislation on minimum requirements for reused water.

Participants of the EIP Water 2016 conference will focus on the innovations that can support the European commission's ambition water reuse and recovery of raw materials.

The day before the conference many EIP action groups will meet at the WaterCampus to discuss their topics among which the 'circular economy'.

dws-watercampus-eip-water-eu-nl-logo-300pxEIP Water 2016 conference is part of the agenda of the Dutch presidency of the European Union .

Leeuwarden Declaration
The participants will discuss the drivers of water innovation in Europe and the key findings will be presented in the Leeuwarden Declaration.

This declaration will call upon European governments, research institutions and universities, the private sector, development banks, donors, river basin organizations, water and energy associations, multi- and bilateral institutions, community-based organizations, local and regional authorities and all other stakeholders, to commit to the proposed actions for accelerating innovation development in the water sector and removal of innovation barriers in Europe and beyond.

Dragon's den
The third edition of the EIP Water Conference will present a 'Dragon’s Den' or 'EIP Water’s Got Talent' session in the afternoon of 10 February.

This programme item is designed to make it easier than ever for innovators to connect with investors, partners and end users in a fun and interactive way.

This feature will offer technology developers a critical and unrivalled chance to pitch their innovations to an expert panel and audience.

Read the draft text of the Leeuwarden Declaration (as a pdf-file) on the website of EIP Water.

The EIP Water 2016 Conference is organised back-to-back with the Mayors & Water conference, which takes place also in Leeuwarden, one day later. The Mayors & Water conference brings together experts on urban water issues and aims at an agreement on a common agenda for all European cities.

Registration for the EIP Water Conference has already closed.

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