dws-ewm-remote-coast-captive-island-750pxElemental Water Makers is currently looking for a suitable location to supply a complete renewable energy driven desalination system, using already available funding from philanthropic nature.

The location must make sense to use desalination, which means the location faces fresh water scarcity. Transfer of the responsibility to the remote coastal community is important and therefore a strong local partner is a must.

EWM Director Sid Vollebregt requested this in a LinkedIn message on 21 January.

Local uptake
In his LinkedIn message Vollebregt mentions a fresh water demand between 10-50 m³/day – 2,500-13,000 gpd. He prefers the produced water to be sold for a set rate for a set period of time, to ensure local uptake of the solution.

According to him "the technology has been proven in the field and is already being deployed on a commercial scale. If you are interested or have any suggestions for suitable locations or partners, please contact me."

dws-ewm-solar-ro-scheme-350pxConstant delivery without batteries
Elemental Water Makers has developed a smart water treatment technology which enables a constant reverse osmosis process, while running on fluctuating renewable energy only.

Batteries are avoided, as they involve high investment costs versus a short lifetime in warmer climates, together with energy conversion losses and maintenance.

About Elemental Water Makers
Elemental Water Makers provides turn-key renewable driven desalination systems for low cost fresh water production throughout the globe. With increasing fresh water scarcity and rising energy prices, there is a growing need for renewable driven desalination.

EWM solution provides fresh water out of seawater or brackish groundwater using only the power from the sun or wind.

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