dws-ewm-cape-verde-municipality-770pxThe island municipality of Cape Verde has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Elemental Water Makers for a desalination project that will provide 50.000 liters of drinking water per day for an entire village of 1300 people that lack access to affordable and reliable fresh water.

A definite water purchase agreement is expected with the municipality in a matter of weeks.

Continuous desal process
Elemental Water Makers developed a new desalination technology that converts seawater or brackish water into affordable fresh water, while running on fluctuating renewable energy sources only.

By installing a salt water buffer at a higher elevation level, the water pressure can drive a constant reverse osmosis process.

This allows a continuous desalination process, while only using fluctuating renewable power sources, like solar.

dws-ewm-cape-verde-solar-virgin-island-350px These solar panels are the only energy source for EWM's desal installation at the Caribbean British Virgin Island, also at night.

Expensive water supply at the moment
Cape Verde suffers, as many islands, from high electricity prices, limited rainfall and therefore expensive water.

In the municipality of Cape Verde the water is trucked to the village at this moment. This is an expensive operation that involves risks of contamination.

This water is only available in limited quantities when the truck has arrived. For other uses of water such as washing, a brackish groundwater source is sold for a high price.

Besides the non-potable aspect, the aquifer is a limited source that will deplete over time.

No investment by municipality
The investment of this project will be covered by a philanthropist who seeks to provide fresh water and job opportunities to people in need, without making an impact on the environment.

By entering into a long-term agreement, the investment will be refunded over time through the sales of the water. This means Elemental Water Makers will also be involved during the operational phase.

The company can offer drinking water at a lower price for regions facing fresh water scarcity, whilst not requiring an investment of the municipality but a commitment to buy the water produced.

This news item was originally published on the website of Elemental Water Makers.

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