dws-blue-value-desert-groundwater-abu-dhabi-770pxFollowing a call for feasibility studies for space-based services integrating the Internet of Things (IoT), the European Space Agency (ESA) has awarded the Blue Desert project to the consortium Blue-Value.

Utilising space-based assets and IoT technology, Blue Desert aims the development of an integrated monitoring & control service to assist customers in desert areas to manage groundwater resources.

Blue-Value is a consortium of two Dutch-based companies Rencos and 52impact, supported by International Groundwater Resources Assessment Center (IGRAC), Thuraya Satellites (UAE), SamTech Middle East (UAE) and the Netherlands Space Office (NSO).

dws-blue-value-desert-gorundwater-350pxGroundwater depletion
Global population growth and high water consumption in combination with severe climate change is resulting in catastrophic water shortages in many areas of the world.

For example, Abu Dhabi’s groundwater reserves are set to run out in 50 years if no action is taken (see top satellite image).

Simon van den Dries, co-founder of Blue-Value said: ‘The award of this project shows great recognition of the work done and the opportunity that we foresee here. It is vitally important that steps are taken to help us use water much more wisely and effectively.’

Real-time insight
Using IoT sensor data and satellite imagery and infrastructure information, the Blue-Value solution delivers real-time insight into water usage, quality and environmental effects.

This is all made available via an easy-to-use intuitive web application which is also available as a mobile phone app.

The integrated software solution enables services such as automated well monitoring, water abstraction metering and remote water pump control.

Water authorities and utilities can directly benefit from this service, enabling them to better manage the quantity and quality of the groundwater resource.

At the same time, the solution will enable farmers, miners, constructors and others to make better use of their water resource.

About Blue Desert
Blue Desert is an ESA-funded commercial and technical feasibility study for the monitoring of groundwater in desert areas using space assets.

About Blue-Value
Blue-Value is a consortium formed by Rencos and 52impact of the Netherlands. Rencos provides satellite and cellular IoT connectivity for the water sector whereas 52impact provides Earth observation services and software development.

This news item was originally published on the website of Blue-Value and IGRAC.

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