An international consortium led by Dutch-based consultancy firm Euroconsult Mott MacDonald has been appointed on an Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) programme by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Kigali, Rwanda.

The programme will enhance the capacities of the Rwandan government and relevant stakeholders in managing the country’s water resources sustainably.

Other partners in the consortium are Belgian consultancy firm SHER and Dutch development organisation SNV.

dws-euroconsult-mott-macdonald-rwanda-demand-graphic-350px  Rwanda's water demand is predicted to tenfold by 2020, mainly due to the growing water demand by agriculture.

Economic growth and improved livelihood
The objective of the programme is to effectively manage water resources that contribute to sustainable socio-economic development and helps improve livelihood.

The programme will consist of three main components:
● an introduction and application of IWRM in selected demonstration catchments,
● a review and development of the institutional framework at national, district and catchment levels
● capacity strengthening.

An investment fund will also be set up, which will be managed by the Rwandan government, to channel funds for infrastructure works identified through the programme.

Technical assistance
The consortium will work collaboratively to develop a better understanding of the current situation in Rwanda and assist the government in implementing improved water
management practices.

It will also provide technical assistance throughout the programme and design a monitoring and evaluation plan to assess its overall success.

dws-euroconsult-mott-macdonald-rwanda-floods-350pxHeavy rains caused severe flash floods in Rwanda in 2012 and 2013.

Suffered from flooding
Caroline la Chapelle, Euroconsult Mott MacDonald’s project director, said: "The government of Rwanda has invested significantly in its water resources, however the country has also suffered various floods which have resulted in an overall loss of water. They are looking to combine different processes to make sure they manage their water resources as efficiently as possible and the IWRM programme is part of this effort."

The project is due for completion in spring 2019.

About Euroconsult Mott MacDonald
Euroconsult Mott MacDonald, a member of the Mott MacDonald Group, works primarily in developing countries and economies in transition. The company, established in 1974, has decades of experience in land and water resources development, rural development, agriculture, environmental protection and management, and institutional capacity building.

It is involved in over 90 projects in more than 40 countries in Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

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