Evides Industriewater and Spanish fruit juices producer AMC Grupo Alimentación developed a waste water treatment scenario for AMC's production location in Vlissingen, the Netherlands.

In order to absorb fluctuations in the waste water discharge, a buffer tank with pulp removal step was built. Evides provides design, construction, financing and operation of the tank and pulp removal step, in the area of AMC.

dws-evides-amc-vlissingen-pulp-removal-350px  Pulp removal is one of the measures that optimise the waste water treatment.

The waste water from the production process of AMC is rid from pulp, neutralized and leveled in the buffer tank and then transported to and treated at the WWTP Sloe.

In 2013 the Spanish company opened a production facility on the industrial park Vlissingen, the Netherlands.

Waste water treatment
AMC became a client of Evides Industriewater for discharge and treatment of its waste water to the central waste water treatment plant Sloe (WWTP Sloe).

This central waste water treatment plant is owned and operated by Evides.

DBFO scheme
Evides Industriewater is responsible for treatment of waste water originating from some 60 industries at the industrial park Vlissingen. These industries operate in various areas including ( petro ) chemical, refining, food and energy sectors.

To that cause, and by means of a DBFO (Design, Build, Finance & Operate) scheme, Evides Industriewater designed and constructed a waste water treatment plant based on the activated sludge process.

About wwtp Sloe
The treatment plant has a capacity of maximum 50,000 population equivalents. By providing regional solutions in the field of waste water treatment in the port of Vlissingen-Oost, now including AMC, companies can focus their attention to their core business, while Evides guarantees the reliable treatment of their waste water.

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