dws-evides-petrovietnam-water-reuse-pilot-750pxEvides Industriewater announced the start of activities related to the pilot plant for waste water effluent reuse at PetroVietnam’s refinery of Binh Son (PVN-BSR) in Dung Quat, Vietnam.

During oil & gas trade fair Ascope, managing director Markus Flick of Evides Industriewater met with president Dinh Van Ngoc of PVN-BSR. Mr Ngoc has restated the importance of water reuse for PVN in general and PVN-BSR in particular in a surge to grow its environmental and sustainability profile.

Energy and chemical efficient membrane technology
The pilot plant uses energy and chemical efficient AiRO-membrane technology. The plant will be engineered and constructed by Dutch company Hatenboer in the Netherlands, and after shipment and installation at the refinery in April 2014.

It will be operated by Evides in cooperation PetroVietnam Engineering (PVE)) for a period of 10-12 months.

dws-evides-petrovietnam-delegation-stand2-350pxDutch delegation at the PVN-BSR stand,with president Mr Dinh Van Ngoc Ngoc (left), managing director Markus Flick of Evides Industriewater (middle) and Utilities manager Mr Dang Ngoc Dinh Diep (right).

Efluent-to-boiler water plant
This pilot plant project is the first phase of a project to result in a full-scale wwtp-effluent-to-boilerfeed water plant be realized in 2015.

The purpose of the pilot plant trial is to establish a full set of operational data necessary in order to execute the design and engineering of the full-scale plant.

The full-scale project will be executed by means of a 10-year build–own–operate–transfer (BOOT) contract, to which cause PVN-BSR and Evides Industriewater had signed a MoU on  April 8, 2013.

This project fits into the strategy of Evides Industriewater to develop water-reuse projects in the (petro)chemical industry in selected areas such as Europe, China and Vietnam.

About Evides Industriewater
Evides Industriewater has a vast track record as commercial water-partner to refineries and the petrochemical industry in Europe. Vietnam is a rapidly developing oil country. Oil refineries and especially petrochemical complexes have a substantial water footprint.

Water is essential to chemical companies, however not their core business. Therefore cooperation with a water specialist as Evides in the area of water supply and services offers advantages to the industry, especially when focused on offering sustainable solutions.

dws-evides-petrovietnam-airo-membranes-350pxAbout AiRO-membrane technology
AiRO is a method of unclogging fouled membrane elements using periodical air/water cleaning, offering two big advantages: water purification that consumes less energy, and membrane cleaning that uses fewer chemicals.

AiRO is developed in the Netherlands by Evides and the KWR research institute, especially to counter the problem of biological (bacterial) growth in waste water reuse systems.

The  innovative AiRO process is proven technology at demineralised water plant DWP in Rotterdam (1400 m3/h, operational since 2010) and offers a number of outstanding advantages compared to more conventional technologies

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