dws-evides-petro-vietnam-bsr-plant-525pxEvides Industry Water and PetroVietnam-Binh Son Refinery (BSR) agreed to cooperate on developing a full scale effluent reuse plant. Both companies signed a memorandum of understanding on 8 April.

Pretreatment seawater desalination
Provided the subsidy by the Dutch government is allocated, Evides Industry Water will firstly start operating a pilot plant later this year. The plant will be using AiRO technology as pre treatment before desalination by regular Reverse Osmosis and ion exchange technology to produce boiler feed water, thus closing the water cycle.

Petrochemical references
Evides’ drinking water subsidiary Vitens Evides International has been active in Vietnam for a number of years. In helping to drastically reduce the leakages in the drinking water grids of Ho Chi Minh City and Danang, Evides has established a reputation of reliability and innovation.

This effluent treatment project now sees the entry of Evides Industry Water into the Vietnam marketplace. Evides Industry Water has a vast track record as commercial water partner to refineries and the petrochemical industry in Europe.

Substantial water footprint
Vietnam is a rapidly developing oil country. Oil refineries and especially petrochemical complexes have a substantial water footprint. Water is essential to chemical companies, however not their core business. Therefore cooperation with a water specialist as Evides Industry Water in the area of water supply and services offers advantages to the industry, especially when focused on offering sustainable solutions.

Signing of the MoU

AiRo reverse osmosis membranes

AiRO process
Reuse of waste water is a challenge, since it involves operating in an environment where biological (bacterial) growth in systems results in bio fouling. The innovative AiRO process developed in the Netherlands by Evides and the KWR research institute – is proven technology at our biggest demin plant (DWP) in Rotterdam, offers a number of outstanding advantages compared to more conventional technologies and will be tested on site by means of a pilot.

The application in Vietnam is new however, hence the need of a pilot plant trial of approximately 12 months. The results will be used for the design and engineering of the full scale plant.

Advantages of AiRO
The advantages of a reuse plant and the application of AiRO for BSR are various: firstly BSR will be able to reduce the procurement of outside process water; secondly it will increase its environmental profile by reusing its waste water while at the same time acting as lead reference site for water reuse Vietnam.

Thirdly, BSR does not need to invest in this reuse plant thanks to the BOT (Build, Own, Transfer) contract model. Finally, BSR will benefit from the operational expertise of Evides Industry Water in managing the plant on a daily basis resulting in a reliable production of high-value boiler feed water. Though new to Vietnam, its this combination of factors that makes the BOT offer of Evides Industry Water a key factor for BSR to choose this partnership model.

The AiRO pilot plant will be constructed in the Netherlands and will be operated by Evides staff. This expat staff will also assist the BSR staff in solving issues at their existing demin and waste water treatment plants.

The full scale project will be executed in Vietnam and will generate jobs during construction as well as the long term operation.

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