dws-ewtw-wafilin-dalfsen-koops-770pxWater technology supplier Wafilin will install the membrane filtration systems at the production plant of Avebe for the concentration of potato juice at the Avebe production plant in Ter Apelkanaal, the Netherlands.

Wafilin’s TCO Harry van Dalfsen (left on top photo) and Avebe’s director investment development Erik Koops (right), announced the development and construction of the sustainable DUCAM concentration system, at the European Water Tech Week in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands on 26 September.

Sustainability high on the agenda
The Ducam membranes enable Avebe to substantial reduce its energy consumption when concentrating the juices when processing potatoes. Additionally, the potato processing firm also saves on its water consumption as the water originating from the potato can be used as process water.

dws-ewtw-wafilin-schonewille-dalfsen-350pxCEO Henk Schonewille and CTO Harry van Dalfsen at their Wafilin booth during the European water tech week.

Avebe welcomes the new membrane system as it scores high on sustainability, a topic that one of Avebe's priorities.

CEO Henk Schonewille at Wafilin Systems says: ‘We develop unique and efficient membrane filtration solutions for the world of tomorrow’.

By using membranes to thicken the potato juice, it turned out to be the perfect way to save energy and water, leading to a CO2 reduction of 13.000 tons per year.

Research pilot
The installation follows a research pilot, started in 2014, on the use of membrane technology for the thickening of potato juice.
A feasibility study on a full-scale installation resulted in a go-ahead for the DUCAM project.

The project is expected to be operational in the second half of 2019.

(top photo: Hoge Noorden, Jaap Schaaf)

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