In preparation for the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in June 2012, the Delta Alliance invites young delta professionals around the world to present their solutions to the challenges which river deltas are facing.

The young professional with the best idea will be invited for a presentaton at the 2012 Rio +20 United Nations conference on Sustainable Development from June 20 to 22 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

More resilience
Delta Alliance is an international network organization, based in the Netherlands, with the mission of improving the resilience of the world’s deltas. With increasing pressure from population growth, industrialization and a changing climate, it is more important than ever that these valuable and vulnerable locations increase their resilience to changing conditions.

The organization invites all young professionals to join the competition and present the sustainable and integrated Delta solution at Rio+20.

In line with the 2012 Rio+20 theme 'Green Economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication', Delta Alliance is looking for innovative and creative solutions to deal with the acute challenges that deltas around the world are facing.

Coastal protection, sea level rise, morphological changes, soil subsidence (Ombrone delta)

Wetlands preservation, fishery, agriculture, rural development (Mekong delta)

Rivers, flood control, shipping, urban developments, industry, waterfronts, recreation (Brisbane river)

Addressing challenges in an integrated manner
Proposed solutions should address two or more of these challenges in an integrated manner, contribute to the reconciliation of social, natural and economic function, and demonstrate the added value of integrated (spatial) planning.

Participation is open for young professionals from all backgrounds up to an age of 35 years. The contribution (poster and a paper) will be assessed by an international, interdisciplinary expert commission.

Visit to UN Rio+20 conference
The winners of the award will be invited to present their solutions in front of an international audience at the 2012 Rio +20 United Nations conference on Sustainable Development from June 20 to 22 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Travel and hotel costs will be provided by Delta Alliance.

Winners will also receive tailor-made organisational and financial support to further develop their solution in cooperation with internationally renowned organisations in the Netherlands and the other Delta Alliance Wings.

Deadline for submission: 31st of March 2012.

Winners of the award will be informed on 15 May 2012.

Look for the more details on the website of Delta Alliance.

More information
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