dws-fugro-roames-aerial-mapping-plane4-770pxFugro has completed the acquisition of Roames Asset Services, based in Brisbane, Australia, from Ergon Energy. Roames specialises in high-resolution mapping services and solutions for the electricity distribution sector.

Roames uses airborne sensors to generate accurate 3D models of electric power transmission networks and surrounding vegetation.

dws-fugro-roames-3d-power-lines-350pxRoames integrates its own LiDAR collected aerial data in Google street view. Shown here is the tree growth next to a powerline telling when trimming is required.

Cost effectively review infrastructure
The data collected through laser-based measuring system LiDAR and digital imagery, are processed in a highly automated way.

This enables electric utility companies to take preventative measures to cost effectively review and maintain their infrastructure and to manage vegetation growth.

Employees to Fugro
The current annual revenue of Roames is around EUR 7 million. The 19 employees, including technology development staff, will transfer to Fugro.

Fugro's agreement with Ergon includes a 5 year service contract (plus a 5 year option). Ergon has a distribution network of 150,000 kilometres of overhead power lines in Queensland.

Strenthening geospatial services
With this acquisition, Fugro acquires advanced technology that can be used more broadly to build improved, cost efficient 3D mapping solutions for additional business areas, also internationally. This supports the further strengthening of Fugro's Geospatial activities, part of the Survey division.

About Fugro Survey division
Fugro's Survey division provides on- and offshore services to map and inspect the earth's surface, seabed and manmade structures. In addition, it provides a range of positioning, oceanographic and environmental services. Geospatial services encompass a complete range of survey and mapping capabilities using satellite, aerial and terrestrial based sensors.

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