dws-fugro-atn-wrs-food-water-770pxFugro GeoServices and Aqua-Terra Nova have signed a cooperation agreement to provide feasibility studies on the use of fresh water resources, based on the Water Resource Survey (WRS).

The Water Resource Survey is a tool jointly developed by Fugro and Aqua-Terra Nova to access potential sources for fresh water (rainwater, surface water, groundwater, waste water), structural availability (distribution between season and years, distances, depth, current, final soil layers) and water quality.

Fugro and AquaTerra Nova offer the service worldwide especially for agricultural businesses.

dws-fugro-atn-wrs-scheme-350pxAvoid wrong investments
For horticultural, agro-food and industrial companies the availability of fresh water is essential. In many places in the world water is scarce. In other cases it is difficult to ensure the existing availiblity because of falling groundwater levels, discharges of polluted water, declining water quality (salinity), rivers and lakes drying up and tighter regulations.

To avoid wrong investments, complicated legal procedures and ecological disasters, Fugro and Aqua-Terra Nova developed the tool Water Resource Survey (WRS). This tool helps companies to determine a strategy and vision on their water supply.

The tool can be applied globally and clients in Mexico and South Africa already used it.

dws-fugro-atn-greenhouse-storage-350pxOne of the options to secure enough water supply throughout the year is the construction of a water storage underneath the whole floor of a greenhouse.

Enough water throughout the year
WRS maps the availibity, quality, capacity, storage and required treatment of all potential water sources. It also maps waste water as a source and even soil that can act as a storage medium.

The survey enables a sustainable and financially sound design of the water supply system through the seasons and for medium term use.

Possible components of a survey are:
● description of the water requirements and available resources throughout the year, projected over a period of 10 years
● description of the necessary water treatment 
● description of the storage facilities combined into a supply that is capable of satisfying the water requirements of the desired development 
● investments (Capex) and operational costs (Opex)

About Aqua-Terra Nova
Aqua-Terra Nova is a company providing services for environmental planning, ecology, water management and Legionella prevention. It has many years of experience in the crossover between water and horticulture.

The company is involved in the development of innovative sustainable water supply systems.

About Fugro GeoServices
Fugro GeoServices is a multi-disciplinary survey and geotech company that provides services to the oil and gas, mining and construction industries.

Fugro GeoServices can offer its services worldwide trough an extensive network of largely autonomous, independent operating bases, using professional, highly-specialized staff and advanced technologies and systems.

Fugro maintains a permanent presence in more than 60 countries worldwide employing over 12,500 staff.

This news item was originally published on the websites of Fugro GeoServices and Aqua-Terra Nova (both in Dutch only).

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