dws-fugro-coastal-e39-tunnel-impression-770pxThe Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) has awarded Fugro a contract worth 111 million NOK for environmental measurements in connection with the planned E39 coastal highway.

This new 1100 km long highway will run from the South of Norway (Kristiansand), along the west coast and into central Norway (Trondheim).

dws-fugro-coastal-e39-roadmap-350px Planned route of ferry-free highway along Norway's coast.

Crossings of large and deep fjords
The NPRA was commissioned by the Norwegian government to conduct planning and studies into improving the standard of the ferry-free E39, which currently includes 7 fjord crossings operated by ferries.

The fjords vary in depth from 550 metres to 1,300 metres (Sognefjord) and are up to 4 kilometres wide.

The NPRA is looking at various options to replace the ferries, including suspension bridges, floating bridges, and submerged floating tunnels.

Combinations of the three are also being considered, which will require a design for the wind, current and wave conditions.

Onshore and offshore measurements
The Fugro contract is related to three of the fjords - Sulafjord, Vartdalsfjord and Halsafjord - and entails measurements of onshore and offshore wind profiles, ocean surface waves, ocean internal waves (subsea), and ocean current profiles.

dws-fugro-coastal-e39-seawatch-350pxFugro’s Seawatch wavescan buoy for collection of oceanographic and meteorological (metocean) data.

To provide wind profiling, several 80-100 meter tall wind masts will be situated onshore, and LiDAR-equipped metocean buoys will be deployed offshore.

A new method, involving the use of several LiDARs, will measure both wind speed profiles and turbulence above the fjords, providing better information about the wind forces on the roadway between bridge towers.

For 12 years
Fugro will conduct the measurement project with contributions from highly qualified suppliers in Norway, including R&D institutions.

The measurements will run continuously from the planning phase until the bridges are commissioned.

The agreement will run over a period of 12 years at 12 sites, starting with a measuring period of 4 years, with the possibility of two extensions of 4 years each. The contract price includes the first 8 years of the contract.

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