dws-fugro-aberdeen-harbour-770pxFugro EMU, with support from the Waterman Group, has been appointed to undertake a full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and prepare an Environmental Statement (ES) in relation to the expansion of Aberdeen Harbour.

This potential expansion will involve the construction of a new facility in Nigg Bay to the south of the existing harbour.

Fugro EMU is providing overall project management and coordination of the EIA and ES with the support of the Waterman Group, who are managing and coordinating the terrestrial elements of the EIA.

dws-fugro-aberdeen-harbour-nigg-bay350px-Aberdeen harbour expsansion opts for Nigg Bay (foreground)

Modern state-of-the-art harbour facility
Aberdeen Harbour is a vital support to Scotland’s oil and gas sector and is the main commercial port supporting the North East of Scotland.

Classed as one of 14 projects considered by the Scottish Government to be of national importance within their 3rd National Planning Framework – Proposed Framework Document, the proposed expansion will see the construction of a modern, state-of-the-art harbour facility to meet the demands of the 21st century and to further support international trade.

The project as a whole is estimated to contribute nearly £1 billion per annum to local and national economies, and support 15,000 jobs.

Expert support
Fugro EMU’s Managing Director, Bruce Tomlinson, commented on the achievement: "Fugro is extremely pleased to be a part of this prestigious project and to be assisting in the development of a nationally important facility. Our involvement provides an excellent opportunity to work in collaboration with the Waterman Group, to collectively provide comprehensive expert support both onshore and offshore to this internationally significant development plan. As we extend our environmental capability to global markets there is no better place to start than by supporting the development of a harbour at the home of the UK oil and gas market.”

This project will enable Fugro EMU to expand its sphere of experience already gained in supporting coastal and marine development projects including; Port of Leith 21st Century Port, Neart na Gaiothe Offshore Wind Farm, Moray Offshore Wind Farm and Inch Cape Offshore Wind Farm.

This news item was originally published on the website of Fugro EMU.

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