The new Global Centre of Excellence on Climate Adaptation will be accommodated in Rotterdam and Groningen in the Netherlands.

The offices of the new knowledge centre on climate adaptation, that is supported by the United Nations and Japan supported, will be housed in remarkable buildings. The office in Rotterdam will be housed in a floating building and in Groningen in the building of the Energy Academy Europe.

These two cities have reeled in the Global Centre of Excellence on Climate Adaptation (GCECA) by jointly submitting the most convincing bid.

dws-gceca-impression-locations-350px  Forseen location of the two GCECA-offices in the Netherlands.

Effects of global warming
On the occasion of the announcement of the office locations, Dutch Environment Minister Dijksma said: ‘With this global climate centre, the Netherlands shows that it commands the knowledge and expertise to tackle the impact of climate change. And it is good news for Rotterdam and Groningen: such an institute will firmly enhance their position on the world map.’

Dijksma reminded of the severe impacts of global warming and mentioned the need to respond. ‘Global warming is bound to hit increasingly more people hard. Our initiative for this global climate centre will assist countries and organisations that are looking for tangible solutions to adapt to climate change.’

Strong reputation
Its location in the Dutch delta has gained Rotterdam an internationally strong reputation in the field of climate adaptation. In addition, the city boosts good international accessibility. It is building a new climate-neutral floating office building for the climate centre staff.

In Groningen, the GCECA will be accommodated in the innovative, sustainable Energy Academy Europe office building. With its university and businesses already actively engaged in climate, the city offers a perfect seed-bed for the climate centre.

Worldwide network
In February, a working group has started to set up the GCECA that will liaise with a broad-based, worldwide network of partners, among which international knowledge institutes, businesses, interest organisations, local and national governments, and the financial sector.

An important task of the centre will be to support parties in developing countries with more effective ways of putting climate adaptation into practice

Parties participating in the Global Centre of Excellence on Climate Adaptation include the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL), UN Environment, National Institute for Environmental Studies, Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport (SLoCaT), S&P Global, Delta Alliance, Deltares, Stockholm Environment Institute, Acclimatise, Netherlands Water Partnership, MCII, World Resources Institute, Wageningen University and Research, UNEP DTU Partnership, SNV Netherlands Development Organisation, Caribbean Community Climate Change Center, WRI, GEF, Adaptation Fund, The Nature Conservancy, NDC Partnership, Climate-KIC.

The official launch of the centre will be at the climate summit COP23 in Bonn, Germany in November.

In 2018, the GCECA will eventually expand to twenty staff members.

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